Isn’t it Time?

Daily Prompt: The Next Big Thing

What will the next must-have technological innovation be? Jetpacks? Hoverboards? Wind-powered calculators?

Photographers, show us INNOVATIVE

In our generations, hardly a day goes by without a new must-have smart phone, computer, electronic or gadget that makes life easier, makes life faster, makes life almost impossible to keep up with as there is almost too much technology and information thrashing at us day after day.  

What could be better for us than to remember who we are before the onslaught of constant contact and immediate responses?

What could be better than going back to the basics, spending time without all of the toys and the noise?  

Here, I show you what I think the next big thing should be.  Time away from all of that.  Time with God and with nature.  Time together without technology. 

Isn’t it time?

IMG_0123 IMG_1004 IMG_1025 DSCF0705 - Version 2 DSCF0897 DSCF1215 DSCF1316


10 thoughts on “Isn’t it Time?

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    • Thank you so much Sheila,
      You are so right, we are losing that physical touch and the anticipation of response and how delicious it can be to wait for a loved one. Everything is just too.. in front of us all the time.

      Bless you lots,

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