Beauty Everywhere

Inspired by the beauty of God’s hand around us, Chistspiration is a great idea!

These photos are from two recent walks.  Taken with iPhone, so not as good quality as if it were my camera, but still came out pretty nice.

IMG_6113 - Version 2 IMG_6065 - Version 2 IMG_5945


6 thoughts on “Beauty Everywhere

  1. Sometimes its important to have an eye to capture the great moment at right time with right angle. Its not just the lenses which works wonder. I loved the pics..

  2. Reblogged this on Christspiration and commented:
    Finally dusting the cobwebs off my fingers…

    Haven’t written in a while as I’ve been SWAMPED with WORK, WORK and MORE WORK. That’s the nature of life I guess… just have to be able to strike a balance.

    I truly love this post “Beauty Everywhere” which was contributed by one of my dear readers as part of the Christspiration Photography challenge. I love it because not only does it capture the beauty of God through nature but it also captures the ‘obedience’ of things in nature. Everything aligns itself with the seasons. The leaves disappear from the trees during fall to make way for the winter.
    If only we would be just as obedient…
    Food for Thought

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