Last Wednesday Night


Photo by Easter Ellen


When I think of Jesus on this Wednesday evening which would have been only two days prior to His unimaginable torture both by man and in hell, I cannot begin to think of what He must have felt. Did His mind race with anxiety and fear?

No; for perfect love casts out all fear.

Did He think of backing out? No for the next day, in the Garden of Gethsemane, He asked if the cup could be passed on and answered His own question while praying “not my will but Yours be done”.  He accepted His destiny and He chose to walk in His Father’s plan for Him for humanity’s sake.

Looking at those closest to Him, He knew that He would be forsaken by them. He knew that He would be completely alone so much so that not even our Holy Father could look down on Him as He was crushed by and covered in our sins. Think of yourself and all of the sin He carried for you, from the whitest lie to the darkest places that you have gone, all of it was with Him ensuring your salvation so that you would no longer be tied to or be a slave to your own sin with the heaviness of guilt preceding your every footstep.

Do we understand that He took punishment both on earth and in hell for every sin that had ever been committed and that would be committed through to the end of time? It has taken me years even to be able to understand that His torture went far beyond what was only mentioned in the bible as so little is said about His descent into hell.

Wednesday evening, so close to His death and torment, how did He still love and laugh with His disciples? How did He eat with them and stay composed as if it were any other day. He was himself, loving fully and completely all whom He was with.

Join with me as we praise His name and be thankful for that which none of us could ever be without Him.


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