I have always loved taking pictures. Of my children as they have grown, of flowers, fields, meadows and brooks. Animals, the way that light plays and the way that shadows change. I drive my family crazy as I stop for one more picture (only it is picture 199 of the day), yet they are patient and even kind enough to sit through my sure-to-follow show-and-tell time.

I think that we miss a lot of God’s beauty in the simple things around us, and I love to try to capture some of those simple things that are so filled with God’s Heart’s songs.

I have been enjoying my first blog Overcoming to BecomingΒ so very much but I have found that many times I just like to post poetry and photos together or simply pictures that I have taken along my way.

I hope you enjoy your stay and that you will come back often to visit.

(The site is new, so I have only posted a bit from my other blog to start with, so please be patient.)

The Green-Eyed-Lady,

Easter Ellen


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